Elf Cosmetics | A Mini Haul

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After giving in to the constant e-mails from e.l.f cosmetics about the multiple sales and free delivery they had going on, I finally decided to make my debut in the e.l.f world and I have to say: I don’t regret it!

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So I obviously had to try some of their Mineral Lipstick as it was on sale for £3. Mine is in the shade Party Pink which comes off as a nude-ish pink that is brilliant for an everyday lipstick – I was so pleased about this because I’ve been searching for a new everyday lipstick for a while and have always come out of Boots with new deep purples or reds. This lipstick is so moisturising and hasn’t dried out my lips at all. The lasting power isn’t the best, but as I’ve said in numerous posts, that doesn’t bother me because I find that whatever lipstick you have on you have to reapply throughout the day anyway. So far, so good!

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Next up are two of the Studio Cream Blushes in the shades ‘Heartbreaker’ (which is the lighter, girly pink) and ‘Seductress’ (the darker, pinky red colour). Firstly, I was so impressed with the packaging of both these blushes  – they definitely don’t look or feel like they were £3.25 each. Getting used to the feel of cream blushes was weird at first, but I have grown to love them! Heartbreaker is definitely my favourite shade. Although in the swatch it looks really vibrant, you can tone it down to make it look so subtle and pretty. I’m also so impressed with the longevity of these products and how well they blend – I’m so tempted to buy all of the colours, but unfortunately they’ve put the prices of them back up to £6.50 each!

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 I also purchased the Studio Concealer Brush and the Eyelid Primer in ‘Sheer’, both of which I haven’t tried yet – so if you have any thoughts on these, then please let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading




Lip Product Addict Tag


I haven’t had much time for posting this week as I’ve been quite busy with work experience, passing my driving test and sorting out my new car. So to get back into blogging, I thought I would do a quick tag! I tag anyone who’s reading this 🙂


1. Favorite balm/treatment?

Definitely the Lip Scrub by Lush, and my favourite flavour is bubblegum – it tastes soo nice.

2. Best eye-catching red?

L’oreal Color Riche in Scarlett Creme (or number 461). It’s the red lipstick in the middle of the photo, it is such a bold and bright colour!

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

Shock horror: I don’t own any luxury lipsticks. I am yet to buy a Mac one, I think that’s next on my to-buy list! But my favourite drugstore lipsticks are either MUA if you want really cheap stuff, or the Kate collection by Rimmel.

4. Best MAC lipstick?

I don’t own one!!! *Insert 100 crying faces*

5. The most disappointing?

Bourjois 3D Effect lip glosses – they were horrible…

6. Liner – yes or no?


7. Best gloss?

The Gloss Ink by Topshop – my favourite colour is in ‘Sloe Gin’

8. Something extra!

Topshop’s lipstick in Inhibition… I’ll say no more!

My Nail Polish Collection

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A year last January was when a miracle happened – I actually stuck to my new years resolution and stopped biting my nails. So since then, I have built up a nail polish collection that I now think is worthy enough to share with you all!

All of the polish names will be in order of left to right:

Greens and Yellows

image (16)

image (17)

Nails Inc ‘Queen Victoria Street’, Barry M ‘Mint Green’, Topshop ‘Venus Fly Trap’, Barry M ‘Lemon Ice Cream’

Reds and Pinks

(I wonder what my favourite colour is)

image (20)

image (21)

Liz Earle ‘Knockout’, Nails Inc ‘Shoreditch’, Mavala ‘Freshy’, Barry M ‘Bright Pink’, Essie ‘Pink Diamond’, Topshop ‘Keepinit Sweet’, Nails Inc ‘Westferry Circus’, O.P.I ‘I Love Applause’, O.P.I ‘Chillin’ Like A Villian’


image (18) image (19)

Mavala ‘Smoky Blue’, O.P.I ‘Miss Piggy’s Big Number’, Barry M ‘Blue Grape’, Nails Inc ‘Royal Arcade’, Topshop ‘Pool Party’


image (22)

image (23)

O.P.I ‘Vampsterdam’, Barry M ‘Countess’, Nails Inc ‘North Audley Street’, ‘Upper Grosvenor Street’, ‘Pembridge Crescent’, Barry M ‘Berry I/C’

Blacks, Golds and Silvers

image (24)

image (25)

O.P.I ‘Alpine Snow’, Nails Inc ‘Montpeller Square’, ‘Westbourne Park’, ‘Old Park Lane’, Liz Earle ‘Golden Celebration’, Barry M ‘Snp2’, O.P.I ‘Lady In Black’

Top Coats

image (26)

O.P.I Nail Envy ‘Nail Strengthener’, Rimmel ‘Pro Matte Finish’, Nails Inc ‘Albert Bridge’, O.P.I ‘Rapidry’, Topshop ‘Top & Base Coat’

Thank you for reading, what were some of your favourite colours? xoxo

June Birchbox

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So this month I decided to purchase my first ever beauty box, and for some reason I was drawn to Birchbox!

I was really impressed when this came through the door on Monday, and even more impressed when the first item I picked up was the Beauty Blender which is retailed at £26. Considering the box is only £10.00 (excluding postage) I think this was a pretty good deal! The theme of this months box was the World Cup, and I received items from the USA, Brazil and Spain. The packaging of the box this month was quite clever – the products came in a drawstring mini bag with the Brazil logo on it:


As I mentioned above, the first item I pulled out of the bag was the original Beauty Blender. I was so pleased about this as I’ve wanted to buy it for a while but I just couldn’t bring myself to cough up twenty five quid for a sponge. I’ve tried it already and of course I was impressed – I’m using it to blend my concealer in at the moment as it’s waaay too warm for foundation in the UK! The pointy side is so handy for getting in the inner corners of the eye, and it is so so easy to use! I’m still having an ongoing debate, however, about what’s better: the Beauty Blender or the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques… let me know what you think!


The next item I received was a mini O.P.I nail polish from The Brazil Collection. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the best colour and I probably won’t wear it – I was disappointed I ended up with this colour as it’s probably the worst one from the collection – but if you read my last post I’m not a massive fan of the mini O.P.I’s anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal!


I also received a little something from The Balm Cosmetics (I’ve never owned anything from there before, so that’s exciting!) which was the ‘How Bout Them Apples? Lip And Cheek Cream’. I usually dislike products that are meant for both lips and cheeks and I’ll probably use this on my cheeks only – but I was impressed with the colour and pleased it was a vibrant pink: it will be a nice change from the subtle light pink shades that I usually wear!



These last two products are from brands I am unfamiliar with, but nonetheless excited to try! The first one is from Naobay and is a Body Radiance Lotion. I don’t usually try out many different body lotions or body butters (I should) as when I find a product I like, I usually stick with it (I love the Sanctuary and Soap and Glory ones), but the smell of this is divine and I’m so excited to try it.

Finally, I have the Caudalie Day Perfecting Fluid. I was so happy when I picked this up as I have been wanting to try a new moisturiser for ages! I’ve been using the Liz Earle light moisturiser for a few years now, and as much as I love that brand, the moisturiser doesn’t do the best job in the world. I’m hoping that this one will do me some good – especially as it’s oil-free which is something I really need in a product when it’s around summer time!



Thank you for reading, what beauty box did you buy this month? xoxo


MUA Undressed Palette Review





Let me start of by saying, I am in love with this palette. It arrived in the post on Tuesday, and this is the most excited I’ve been about a product in a long time! For a few months now, I’ve been considering buying the Naked palette, but for someone who rarely wears eyeshadow I just couldn’t justify spending thirty something pounds on it. So, when I was browsing around the Superdrug website and came across this, I couldn’t believe my luck!

Of course, when I searched on Google, apparently it is very well-known that this is an Urban Decay dupe (I’m just clueless). There were mixed reviews about it (mostly good though) but at £4 I couldn’t not buy it! So here are the two palettes compared:



As you can see, the colours look almost identical and are even in the same order as each other.


From left to right are shades 1-12 in order


When I swatched the Undressed palette, I only did one swipe and didn’t build it up at all – so I think with the right build up, the pigmentation would be relatively similar. As you can see, the matte shades of the Undressed palette (mainly shades 2 and 5) are pretty much non existent on my arm, but when I tried them on my actual eyelid I was pleasantly surprised as they showed up really nicely!

Of course, it depends on your skin type and whether or not you are oily around the eyelid area, but for me these eyeshadows did not crease at all today (I had the eyeshadow on for four hours and used no primer!) . They also applied really nicely on the eye, and blended surprisingly well!

I know that Urban Decay quality is going to be better – and the fact that it is Urban Decay in the first place makes it better – but if you are unwilling to spend money on the Naked palette like I was, then I would highly recommend you purchase the MUA Undressed Palette.

I’ve also found out about some other dupes for Naked 2 (MUA Undress Me Too) and Naked 3 (Makeup Revolution Iconic 3) which I will definitely be purchasing in the near future! If you have any of these palettes, then let me know what you think of them in the comments! xoxo